Which Is Best & Things To Do In Andaman

Here comes the best time to come and see the Andaman Islands. Normally, from October onwards, the season starts. The peak season to visit this amazing island starts from November and continues till January when the price of almost everything goes high due to the massive inflow of travelers into the Andaman. December and January are one of the best months to go to Andaman and most individuals celebrate the holiday during this time of the year due to Christmas and New Year. So in December and January the price of nearly everything, the resorts, the ferry, the automobile, and the cruise rises. There’s a surcharge applicable during those months over and above the regular tariff prices. On December 24th and 31st there’s a compulsory supplement cost in several resorts for the special dinner and karaoke ordered in the hotel/resort. So make sure when you’re traveling dates drop in December and January then get ready to pay that surcharge. Though just a handful of Andaman Tour Packages planners may provide you the most competitive pricing in this period of the year since they’ve booked almost everything beforehand for their clients. What exactly can we do in these months?
Andaman Underwater Diving
This subject of mine is dedicated towards the next Questions typically asked by travelers:

  • Will we are able to see all the main attractions during these months?
  • How is the weather from October until January?
  • Which months we can go for underwater activities?
  • Can we do all of the boat rides, cruise rides, and water activities?

In this report, I’ll try to do justice with the Knowledge I must help you know about traveling to Andaman from the months of October, November, December, and January.

However, October to January and even February until April are regarded as the ideal time to come to research Andaman. Dussehra is the largest festival of the Bengalis and in Andaman, there’s a good deal of Bengali people both in Port Blair and Havelock Island. Well, all over the islands you’ll see people from Bengal, directly from South Andaman until North Andaman. This time brings a good deal of audience to Andaman. In addition to the island is lit up correctly at different temples and specific Pandals are made in all the islands at this time of the year. One of our Andaman Dussehra Bundle that works in the month of October describes one of the tours.

However, Diwali, the festival of light is celebrated all across the country but the charm of this festival is quite unique and amazing in Andaman and in a really wonderful way. All of the burstings of crackers and the sweets are distributed among friends and loved ones. Andaman Island is fairly diversified in its own cultural standpoint. Individuals from around India have settled in the islands and that is how we’ve grown up here. There haven’t been any communal Fightings and everyone here lives together and in peace and stability. November again is a really good time to see the islands and each attraction from the island is available for the tourist. All actions are operational, make sure it Scuba Diving, Sea Walking or Cruise Rides all are functional during this period of the year.

What about November & December?

This is possibly the best time to see Andaman. Well, there are numerous reasons to think about October until April as one of the very best times to see Andaman. However, one of these months too, if you ask me to select any 2-3 months for holiday in Andaman then I shall highlight in December, January, and February. The clear crystal waters, the blue luminescence is experienced in this period of the year, the visibility underwater is magnificent as well as the humidity quotient goes down as well. See, due to the tropical climate the weather is quite the same throughout the year and there is no separate season like summer season or winter season. It’s just that the humidity goes down from October until January. Well, there’s monsoon season though that occurs during July and August mostly.

New Year and Christmas Brings up the holiday period and there’s a good deal of influx of travelers to Andaman. This beautiful place is not known for its nightlife but you may witness the beauty of nightlife in December and January. I hope you’re getting a hang of what I mean when you’re arranging a trip to Andaman in the month of October, November, December, and January. All hotels, trips, and ferry get booked through those months well ahead of time. Do not wait till the last moment to get things done as obtaining accessibility is going to be a large question during those months. After arriving in the islands there’s a fair likelihood that you’re unable to encounter few things since the tickets got sold out.

Is It Hot or Cold During This Period?

Will Like I mentioned previously, in Andaman, there’s nothing Known as Summer and Winter. The temperature usually stays the same all the year-round. It’s only that the humidity decreases during this period of the year. It will not be cold, but it is possible to take a light sweater just in case if you’re arranging a walk by the shore at Night.

Whom Do You Recommend To See Andaman Between Oct – Feb?

In fact, this time of the year is great for everybody. You Can Absolutely, there isn’t any question about it. You can enjoy all sorts of water sports in the Andaman Islands.

Which Are The Best Attractions To See During These Months?

Well, In Havelock Island, you must cover all of the three attractions Radhanagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach, and Elephant Beach. One can visit Diglipur along with Smith Island and Ross in the North Andaman but to pay North Andaman you may need around 10 Days. Additionally, you can look at a day trip to Baratang from Port Blair. Baratang is another fantastic attraction from the islands. An itinerary should be a mix of all these pictorial wonderlands to make your journey a worth visit.

What Is The Best Way To Plan A Trip To Andaman?

The very best option is to choose a trip from the city to Andaman. It’s rather easy to get to the islands by means of a direct flight. Just check for which business the flight is operational and it is simple to get your tickets done to stop by Andaman.

So, In case you Want to Andaman in the month of October, November, December, January, February, March and April then do not think much as you are coming to Andaman at the ideal period of the year and you’ll certainly enjoy it. Check out my about different water sports in Exotic destinations in India. You will surely enjoy your experience during your See from October until April.

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