Top 08 Most Famous Trains in India

Winter is knocking at the door and you must have been thinking of the destinations you can explore to spend your winter vacations. The first thing that comes in mind when you start planning for your Holiday in India is the mode of transport you are going to select. There are numerous luxury trains running between the major cities in India and take you to different corners of the state and help you in exploring the vivid cultures and heritages of this magical land. So, if you are done with the selection of destination you are going to visit then this is the time to book your tickets and if you are going by train then check out this article compiled of famous trains in India.

01. Palace on Wheels
Palace on Wheels
Reckoned as the pride of India, Palace on Wheels is a train mocked-up on the lines of the stunning fortresses of the former Maharajas of India is among the most prestigious trains of the world. With no doubts left Palace on wheels Palace on Wheels is awarded as the most luxurious train running in India. No train other than Palace on Wheels provides the level of comfort, luxury, and convenience. In order to enjoy Royal Luxury, the Palace on Wheel is the best available option. The Palace on Wheel offers you a chance to peek into the cultural, architectural, natural and traditional richness and past glory of India.

02. Deccan Odyssey
Deccan Odyssey
The Deccan Odyssey is the latest luxury train in India. It is called the Palace on Wheels of Maharashtra. The Deccan Odyssey presents you with an unforgettable journey to the most accepted and alluring tourist spots in Maharashtra and Goa.

03. The Golden Chariot
The Golden Chariot
The Golden Chariot delivers a fascinating journey through the many parts of Karnataka. The Golden Chariot embarks on a comfortable journey of unearthing throughout the Cradle of Stone Architecture. This train has been named after Hampi one of the most beautiful world heritage sites located in the southern region of India. It travels through eternal historical heritage sites, splendid palaces, wildlife, and beaches.

04. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
Royal Rajasthan is expected to such high-quality and varied benefits which haven’t been available in the history of Indian luxury trains. There are various changes in the facet of this train- such as itinerary. Due to some reasons, the train discontinued running. On October 18, 2009, Rajasthan tourism Development Corporation re-launched the super deluxe Rajasthan Royal on Wheels with a concessional tariff. The new concessional tariff will be applicable until April 2011.

05. Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen Express
Majestic Fairy Queen is the oldest working steam engine train in the world. It had made its first journey in 1855 for the East Indian Railway. This magnificent train has been recorded in the Guinness World Record as being the oldest train running in regular operation.

06. Maharajas’ Express
Maharajas' Express
A new luxury train Maharajas’ Express is also going to set to run between New Delhi-Mumbai and New Delhi-Kolkata. The Maharajas’ Express will provide an exceptional experience of travel through cultural and spiritual India.

07. Darjeeling Toy Train
Darjeeling Toy Train
Taking a ride on the Darjeeling Toy train offers you the best opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Darjeeling hills and mountain range. The train runs on a 2 feet (narrow) gauge and completes a journey of 86 km in around 71/2 hours with a maximum speed of 15 km. One can board this train from New Jalpaiguri and travels through Siliguri, Sukna, Rang Tang, Tindharia, Gayabari, Mahanadi, Kurseong, Tung, Sonada, and Ghoom to reach Darjeeling.

08. Shimla Kalka Toy Train
Shimla Kalka Toy Train
The Kalka Shimla Toy train covers a distance of 96 km on a journey. The Shivalik Deluxe Express (Toy Train) starts its journey at 5:30 am in the morning from Kalka, and within five minutes upwards elevation starts. Throughout the journey, the train runs in an upward direction from 656 meters above sea level to 2076 meters above sea level. Due to this difficult upward movement of the train, its speed is restricted to 20-25 km.

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